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Carmolina is an international singer. Her music combines different genres, like Afrobeat, Salsa, Pop, and Classical. 

Originally born in the USA,  raised in Europe, and has spent many years in the Caribbean- leading back to her roots. She has lived and traveled all around the world, and continues to do so with her international live performances and collaborations. 

Carmolina is a classically trained musician and dancer. She has studied anything from classical and opera, to oriental and Zouk. This education, and her rich family heritage, has given her music the distinctive identity that it has today. 

The artist is well-known for her sensual, raw, and upbeat releases. Her powerhouse vocal performances are reminiscent of iconic singers such as Yemi Alade, Jennifer Lopez, and Janet Jackson to mention but three influential artists.

The singer has a variety of accolades under her belt, from established institutions such as the UACO, Piano Olympics, and the All Youth Showcase. If this wasn’t enough, Carmolina has also trained in Ballet, Salsa, Swing, Rhumba, and Cha-cha-cha. She is a talented choreographer and brings her passion and enthusiasm for dance to her musical compositions. 

Carmolina has collaborated with a diverse number of international artists. These include Sizzla (Jamaica), Johnny Ramos (Cabo Verde/Netherlands), and Mauris Styles (Costa Rica), to mention but a few. Popular releases from Carmolina include her singles  "Loca"  (2019), "Back it Up" (2019 was on UK charts) and "Baila" (2019). The artist even performed three songs from “Real Love” in Durban, South Africa for the FIFA World Cup. 

Carmolina is also fluent in Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Criollu. Her international life and passion for different cultures has had a significant impact on her musical approach. 

Her most recent single release “Baila” is a vivacious and energetic tune that makes you dance! 

Stay tuned for her upcoming single “It Wasn't Me" and her upcoming tour in London UK June 2020 and her grand performance in Duban South Africa at "Music Imbizo" where she will also, be a panelist to talk about her new found stardom!