"Loca" Carmolina's hot new single!

  Presenting “Carmolina” the rising star, born in the USA and raised the other half of her life in Europe, who is proud of her Caribbean roots. She gracefully uses her voice to produce musical sounds through modulation in tone and pitch fusing operatic ability. From living in many different continents and exposed to so many different cultures, her music is an eclectic electrifying style of world music!

 Carmolina began her talent at the age of four performing in modeling pageants and musicals. At a young age she was already winning musical awards. Award winner of two gold "Piano Olympics" and the "All Youth Showcase". Performed in multiple Ballet recitals and later in her teenage years choreographed salsa for shows! She also trained in Swing, Rhumba, and cha cha cha.  Carmolina comes from a long history of remarkable artist in her family that passed their talent on to this divine singer! It was only a matter of time that Carmolina would take her place in the world of music and entertainment.
At the beginning of her professional singing career, she was taken under the wing by a loving friend Malang Badije and his cousin Alamame from SeneGambia (Africa), nominated best "African Drummer" in Germany. Then again, taken under the wing by Reggae artist from Jamaica; a  Grammy Award  Winner "Yahmeek" (Jahmeek). Since then she has done many collaborations with other well-known artist from around the world such as Jamaica’s renowned artist Sizzla. “I Know You Like It feat. Sizzla “- Makariba( group with Carmolina as lead singer)! In 2013 “I Know You Like It” was voted #5 on Video Alley, aired on TV around the Caribbean, New York, Miami, Canada, and South Africa. Then voted #16 on the Reverb world charts! Next, she worked with Zouk Artist/ Producer, "Johnny Ramos" well known in Palops (Portuguese African speaking countries). Johnny produced "Fire Pon Babylon" infused with “Kizomba” with a “Reggae” touch. This song is loved and appreciated by many of Carmolina's fans!
In 2012 Carmolina's released her album, “Real Love”. Songs that will get you to get up and dance!
“Carmolina” has already performed 3 of her songs from her album "Real Love" in DURBAN South Africa at "The FIFA World Cup 2010!" This appearance in South Africa gave her an even more global appealing presence.

In 2013 “Cosmic Unity” released in 2013 with band “Makariba” with her singing as the lead vocalist. This album is a true fusion of "World Music" with a Jazz flare! It also features “Sizzla Kalonji” an award winning contemporary reggae artist. Fans have said this album is music for the soul!
In 2014 she released her album “Keep A Float” giving the world hope and insight. Songs to be noted on this album are, “Keep A Float”, “Island”, “Supremacist” and “Set me Free feat. 95” These songs opened the door to many Radio and TV interviews.  She expresses herself deeply in this album with things that were on her mind about the world and experiences.
Carmolina's passionate metaphoric lyrics carried her on to win an award from “UACO” at the "All African Caribbean Festival 2011" in Detroit Michigan. Awarded for her contributions and efforts in helping to unite the African Diaspora.

Carmolina has already made many international appearances around the world.
Carmolina enjoys meeting and being with people of various cultures and nations which is expressed in her music, and described by some as “spiced flava”. She has written over 300 songs, some which she has performed live with elegance before captivated audiences of 100’s to 1,000’s with vigor.
Soon releasing album “A to Z”.She plays piano on the hottest song “A to Z”! Fans that have attended her promotional appearances are stunned by “A to Z”, “Piano” and “Dance Like” ! Carmolina has found her place in music. She will be touring the US and other countries to name a few with her newest album "A to Z" in 2018! 

    In Central America Carmolina did a collaboration with Costa Rican artist Mauris Styles  "Mi Costa Mas Bella"  a tropical wonder making waves in Central and South America! 

    Carmolina won an award for her performance at "La Teleton" San Jose Costa Rica for her contribution in helping the organization "Teleton" in fundraising money to build a new childrens hospital in Costa Rica!

      Presently, Carmolina is on her world tour! She is in Nigeria and has released a new single called "Loca" a fusion between Afrobeat and Salsa! She has recorded an Afrobeat album releasing in 2019! Carmolina will be on tour in 2019 around the world!